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Elder sister site Bluebus Brazil (one year older than Adland) noted our return: Adland ‘ressuscitou’ – maior e mais antigo arquivo online de comerciais está de volta


 Four months later, and with the legal aspect apparently resolved, the site, founded in 1996, is back. “ Adland is risen. Heck, we do that with dead celebrities and slogans, why not with Adland? ” This is how its founder, the Swedish Åsk Wäppling, announced the return. In the post‘Dabitch’, as it is also known, speaks of the importance of maintaining an archive of commercials to preserve the history of advertising, which is, after all, part of our culture – and not just award-winning works, because so much is not enough in Cannes. neither does he get a Clio, an Effie or an Andy. In addition to market news, Adland brings together nearly 100,000 commercials (!) – including 47 years of Super Bowl commercials. Blue Bus, a 1-year-old Brazilian brother who also knows the difficulties of keeping a website up and running for so long, wishes Adland a long and prosperous life. The advertising industry thanks you. :)))

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