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EA Assures That Apex Legends Is Still On its Way To Mobile

Apex Legends on Mobile is very much not available at the moment, but it is coming. According to EA.

The publisher known for other hits like Battlefield and Anthem in addition to the PC and console version of Apex Legends, says that mobile is still on the way.

The revelation apparently comes from a confirmation that EA gave during its most recent earnings call. So for those looking forward to a mobile port of this game, fear not as EA claims they haven’t scrapped it.

Apex Legends on mobile still has no firm release date

EA may have confirmed that it still has plans to bring its hit battle royale game to mobile, but it still hasn’t set a date.

If there was ever a case of cold feet, this is what it appears to look like. About the only thing that the company has said, other than the fact that it still aims to launch an Android and iOS version of Apex Legends, is that it’s working on bringing the game to China.

Last year EA did mention that the game would launch after its 2021 fiscal year. If the time frame is accurate and EA is able to stay on target, then it should release sometime this Fall. More specifically sometime in October or potentially later.

The question is whether players will care at that point. Especially given the amount of currently available options.

Will it be too late when it finally launches?

Apex Legends saw a huge surge in popularity directly after it launched. And it still has a pretty decent following.

But it’s not the only battle royale game around. Fortnite and Call of Duty both offer battle royale options. And when it comes to mobile, both of those games already have a cemented foothold.

Fortnite has a proper mobile version already available and it’s been out for at least a year. Call of Duty Mobile on the other hand launched on October 1 of 2019 and it has a battle royale mode included too.

Both of these games are highly popular on Android and iOS and are already available to give people that fix of this type of gameplay on the go. Which could give EA an uphill battle in claiming a piece of the pie when Apex Legends does finally launch.

That’s if it’s able to stay on release target. As there’s always the chance that a release could be pushed out further than sometime this Fall.

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