Fans think Batman’s new symbol is made from the gun killed his parents

The Batman” director Matt Reeves teased the first camera test footage of Robert Pattinson as Batman and fans are already theorizing about the new Bat symbol. 

Here’s a look at it in the red lighting from the teaser. 

the batman logo robert pattinson

The new Batman logo is seen in the Vimeo video Matt Reeves shared online.

Warner Bros./DC

Do you notice anything? 

Look at it again in black.

Fans think it looks like a broken gun styled into the Bat logo we see. 

batman suit robert pattinson photo

Here’s the new Bat symbol in black. What do you think?

Warner Bros.

They don’t think it’s just any gun. Many think this version of Batman may have used the gun that killed his parents to fashion into a symbol of justice and vigilantism. 

The death of Bruce Wayne’s parents has been shown countless times in adaptations of the superhero’s origin story. Martha and Thomas Wayne were famously gunned down by a man named Joe Chill in a dark alleyway after leaving a screening of “Zorro” with their son.

Fans think it’s a pretty brilliant, if heartbreaking, nod to the superhero’s origin.

It serves as a constant reminder of why he put on the suit and why he fights to clean up Gotham City. Batman’s very anti-gun (most of the time, anyway in his 80-year history) so it’s fitting that the logo looks like a gun snapped in two.

Popular artist BossLogic has already designed fan art based on the theory.


Journalist Markeia McCarty was among the first to spot the potential nod. McCarty pointed out that Detective Comics issue No. 1000 contains a similar plot. 

In it, Batman melts down the gun that killed his parents and shows that he added it into his Batsuit underneath the Bat symbol as armor to protect himself against his enemies.

batman detective comics 1000

Here’s the page from Detective Comics No. 1000 that shows Bruce Wayne melting down the gun that killed his parents.

DC Comics

Reeves’ film began principal photography on January 28. It’s believed Reeves teased the first look at the costume before Pattinson starts filming outdoors with the suit on. 

“The Batman” also stars Zoë Kravitz  (“Mad Max: Fury Road”) as Catwoman/Selina Kyle, Jeffrey Wright (“Westworld”) as James Gordon, Colin Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin, and Peter Sarsgaard as Gotham D.A. Gil Colson. 

It will be in theaters June 25, 2021.

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